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Your genes, your gender, the amount of fat on your body, your age, and the thickness of your skin are all associated with the amount of cellulite you have or how visible it is. Being overweight doesn't cause cellulite. While many severely obese people do have cellulite, some do not. Many sufferers  too have  slim figures and  an ideal weight . Post menopausal women tend to have more cellulite than younger people, although it is also prevalent in adolescents. 

Cellulite is a series of ripples of fat cells and subcutaneous connective tissue under the skin. Usually found on the thighs and butt, especially in women, it has a characteristic 'orange peel' appearance. It affects women  and men as well though it is not  apparent on men , probably because of a difference in cell structure between men and women. 

Fat distribution is different in women and men. Women have more fat deposits under the skin but tend not to accumulate it inside the abdominal cavity; men seem to have less room for fat over their muscles and under the skin but they will accumulate much more excess fat inside the abdominal   cavity  . Women have a tendency for more fat deposition in the buttocks and thighs. A woman's connective tissue is very inflexible, so as she gains weight and her fat cells expand, they tend to bulge upwards towards the surface of the skin, giving the classic orange-peel appearance of cellulite. In men, not only is there generally less fat on the thighs, but also the outer skin is thicker and thus obscures what is happening to any surplus fat below . Yes, women are more predisposed to cellulite than men. Poor circulation can also  result in a slowing down of this cleansing process and an accumulation of waste materials that thicken and harden into immovable pockets of fat causing the dimple affect

You can check to see if you have cellulite by pinching the skin around your upper thigh. If it looks a bit lumpy, you probably have it. And if you do have cellulite, you're definitely not alone: Most girls and women - and some men - have cellulite. Several factors also influence whether a person has cellulite and how much they have.

The symptoms of cellulite include feelings of tightness and heaviness in the legs. The skin can be tender when pinched, pressed or when massaged vigorously and it can also feel hard and cold compared to other areas of skin. However, it can also feel spongy and doughy

However, it is comforting to know that if you do have cellulite you are not alone as nearly all women develop cellulite at some stage in their lives

Where do you find cellulite on your body

Regular fat can be found anywhere on the body, while cellulite tends to settle on the following areas

inner, upper and back of thighs, 

upper back below the shoulders,  


inside and back of upper arms, 


lower back, 

hips and 


Where cellulite is present you might also experience further problems with broken blood vessels and/or varicose veins. 

Why not just take care of yourself naturally? 

Insufficient water intake, no exercise, constipation and digestion problems, tension and stress, pollution, incorrect breathing, fatigue, poor eating habits,  estrogen when secreted before each menstrual cycle as estrogen tends to retain water, intoxication of the system are contributing factors in causing cellulite.  However,  you have to understand  that cellulite has a lot to do with genetics, but you can combat some of it with lifestyle changes.

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This cellulite formula is very effective by itself. However, if one wishes to do so, an additional dimension can be added by dietary components and regular exercise regimen .You can reduce cellulite naturally with proper low fat diet, steady exercise routines, taking in plenty of fluids like water, and getting Therapeutic Massage. With massaging, the cellulite areas are targeted to stimulate circulation, specially for areas not very well worked with exercise, such as the inside of the knee and upper thigh. Massaging is effective as it  helps   boost circulation and lymphatic drainage It is a further boon if the massage is done with cellulite treatment cream which contain active ingredients to assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite . Essential oils enhance circulation and help eliminate retained water.

Simply the better choice for cellulite treatment that reduces and control the appearance of cellulite

The natural combination of hydrolised whole egg, ,grapefruit oil ,juniper berry, sage extracts , and herb extracts  will allow you to have smooth and toned thighs naturally. You will feel the cellulite cream  working to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of dimples within a few  weeks.

Unlike other anti cellulite creams available on the market today, which often contain aminophylline . Instead, it contains only natural ingredients and has no unwanted side-effects.


An all natural cellulite solution, this high energy cream contains specialized culinary herbal extracts, blending with effective aromatic oils and essential substances that reduce cellulite, smooth out the appearance of bulges, irregularities, and "Orange Peel". This cellulite remover works everywhere on the body.

This Cellulite Treatment is best applied after a hot bath, shower or vigorous exercise, when the skin is still moist and warm. Apply lightly once or twice a day, targeting specific areas.

BEST RESULTS are obtained by using the cellulite cream for 3 weeks - leaving it off for the fourth week, and then repeating this regime.


Gabrielle Huang, 22, Tampines Road
After 3 months of using the cellulite cream, my husband
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Jane Lee, Bukit Batok
I had minor cellulite since age 19. It did not really bother me
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Shepherdson Cecilia Christina, 38, Flora Drive

I have seen a tremendous difference , the cellulite around my tummy and thighs

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Lisa Ong, Upper Thomson
I do believe that cellulite becomes more noticeable with age as it has
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Kistia Bte Sulaimi, Marine Terrace

I have very deep cellulite around the back of my thighs and around my lower arms. After using your product for about a month, I am starting to see an improvement in the appearance of my legs and arms. I AM FEELING GREAT AND CONFIDENT!


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I have cellulite problems for many years . Got to know about your products

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I have been using cellulite treatment for 40 days and I have already begun to

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I am in my early 30's. When I found your website and read about the cellulite

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