Natural Essential Oils Naturalis Acne Treatment

Essential Oils are used as an Alternative Medicine for common health problems . It is  for  those who wish to practice Natural health for their own well being by using all natural products . An important consideration in therapeutic blends is finding the right combination of oils that will yield the greatest synergistic effect.

Humans form an natural symbiosis with plants. They work on the physical body, acting to integrate and balance its physiological function and to augment its innate vitality. In our age of drugs and chemicals, herbs offer a safe treatment that respects the oneness of life. The advantage that herbs have over man-made chemicals, is that nature sensibly packages her own chemicals in such well-balanced and minute proportions, that their safe assimilation is assured. By reaching right down to the cause, not just alleviating the symptoms, they ensure a gradual return to health.

By augmenting our natural healing processes, herbs strengthen our body's defence system, which is too often ailing because we haven't been looking after our health. The human body is perfectly capable of healing itself; the right herbs just help it do it's job by creating favourable conditions in the body and mind for healing to take place.


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Naturalis Acne Dab Treatment

A concentrated blend of the essential oils: lavender, chamomile and tea-tree with myrrh extract. To dramatically reduce redness and swelling and encourage disappearance of pimples. Apply directly to each acne spot, using a cotton bud. This product will enable acne to heal gentlely thereby leaving no scarring.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder caused by an over-production of sebum. Each person's skin is unique and the reasons for outbreak vary widely .The exact cause of acne is not known, but some factors include stress, diet, monthly menstrual cycles, and the use of cosmetics. Essential oils can play a significant role in skin and hair care. Acne treatment  can be achieve naturally without using harsh chemicals on the skin .Their natural healing properties allow them to effectively assist in treatment of  skin problems, a friendly acne medication .


Therapeutic properties Of these natural  essential Oil blends help to reduce redness and swelling and encourage disappearance of pimples and leaving no scars.  


camomile.jpg (5597 bytes)  German Chamomile Oil 

Chamomile is well known to induce relaxation and tranquilization. It is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-itching agent and helps soothe and repair the skin. It is also great for skin with acne or sensitive skin.

lavender.jpg (6293 bytes) Lavender Oil

Lavender tones the skin and is useful for all types of skin problems: for scalds, minor burns (including after-sun), cuts, grazes and inflammation. Lavender also helps to alleviate anxiety, stress and tension, by claming, soothing and relaxing the body and mind.

teatree.jpg (3838 bytes) Tea Tree Oil

Head-to-toe oil that is safe to use directly on skin. It is both anti-infection and an antibiotic. Tea Tree oil helps in treatment of cuts, burns, insect bites, infected splinters and all kinds of wounds, especially dirty or ones which contain puss. As an antiseptic it is valuable for general skin care, spots, acne and blackheads etc. As a general disinfectant it is especially useful for respiratory or genito-urinary tract infections i.e. bronchitis and sinusitis or cystitis. 

myrhh.jpg (14204 bytes)  Myrrh oil 

Myrrh oil has therapeutic properties as an antiseptic and is anti-microbial. Myrrh oil helps to strengthens immune system improves circulation, stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, and is calming and cooling.